Happy Easter!


Happy Easter!

This was the last Easter in Italy, before leaving! I’m very excited!

Today, I was unable to think to something different than my next year, when I will spend the Easter with my american family. I have thought to their traditions and customs like the eggs hunt, Easter decoration, gifts and a lot of chocolate, obviously. The thing that put me off is that is difficult in America, almost impossible, to find Kinder’s chocolate! It means I’ll have to do less about it.

#01 – This is me!


#1 First real post. Here we go!
I’m Valentina, I’m 20 years old recently (already!) and I’m a happy girl who loves her life in all its aspects. Since I was a child, I have always tried to do as many things as possible. Probably, because of my curiosity and my continuous need to challenge myself. I went to a foreign language school and, even if I haven’t reached best results, I’m happy with my choice.

After my diploma, I said to myself “What do I do now?”. Then I got my first job, my first responsibilities, my independence and the assurance that university is not for me. Indeed, I realized that Varese (where I live) doesn’t like me anymore. I felt like a fish out of water and considering that I still have a lot of things to learn, I began to search on the Net. A foreign country, the opportunity to study, travel, work and bam!

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