#01 – This is me!


#1 First real post. Here we go!
I’m Valentina, I’m 20 years old recently (already!) and I’m a happy girl who loves her life in all its aspects. Since I was a child, I have always tried to do as many things as possible. Probably, because of my curiosity and my continuous need to challenge myself. I went to a foreign language school and, even if I haven’t reached best results, I’m happy with my choice.

After my diploma, I said to myself “What do I do now?”. Then I got my first job, my first responsibilities, my independence and the assurance that university is not for me. Indeed, I realized that Varese (where I live) doesn’t like me anymore. I felt like a fish out of water and considering that I still have a lot of things to learn, I began to search on the Net. A foreign country, the opportunity to study, travel, work and bam!

I find out about Au Pairing. It is made for me. I love kids and taking care of them. I become a child again when I spend time with them. To crown it all, it takes place in the country of which I have always dreamed: the US. I’m fascinated by their traditions, their tendency to overdo things and their way of being so American.

As you see, I have not hesitated for a second and I ran to register myself on the website.
Now I am waiting for that damn flight MXP- JFK.

See you soon!


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