Summer activities for kids!


As far as I know, keeping kids busy while they are at home all day is a big challenge. For Au Pairs it represents a time to be brilliant and to suggest new games and activities to their host children. This could be more arduous because they are constantly under the eyes of the host parents. It’s no good taking them to the mall or the swimming pool everyday.

I thought to make a list with all the activities we can do with them.

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Until the end of the countdown



Yesterday, I sent the last documents to my au pair agency. I am very happy because it means I’ll get soon my flight details. Everything is paid, everything is done. My host family can’t wait to welcome me in their home. I hope time runs fast till August.
Saturday is my mother’s birthday and I am pretty nervous about it. I really want to give her the best gift ever.

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May is gone!

OMG May is gone! Something’s changed in these months!!

  • The 16th April, I got my first tattoo. It’s really significant for me because it means a new beginning. I have a bad scar on my belly, caused by an urgent appendicitis surgery, and I’ve always felt ashamed about it. I’ve covered it with a feather moved by the wind. It represents freedom, change and wish fulfillment. The hope to fly up to my goals.

                                               (It is no coincidence that it looks like Hermione’s feather :D)

  • I’ve joined the gym! I have to loose 7 kg before leaving. If I add extra kilos in USA at these ones, I will probably become overweight. So I have to become fit and trained as soon as possible to avoid problems.
  • I became a Cheerleader! yeahh I feel like an american girl. There is an american football team near my place and a friend of mine asked me to join this team. It’s really funny and I learned lot of things about this sport. It is much more interesting as it seems even if it’s a bit aggressive.

I am increasingly closer to US!!