Until the end of the countdown



Yesterday, I sent the last documents to my au pair agency. I am very happy because it means I’ll get soon my flight details. Everything is paid, everything is done. My host family can’t wait to welcome me in their home. I hope time runs fast till August.
Saturday is my mother’s birthday and I am pretty nervous about it. I really want to give her the best gift ever.

I have never been good in making gifts but these one must be special. I thought about a neckless or a bracelet with a looong letter wrote by me. She’s really sensible and she will appreciates it for sure! I love her and she will miss me so much!
These days were super hot in Italy. I want to go for vacations soon! I took a little break last week and I went to the sea in Genoa with my friends. I had a good relaxing day on the beach’


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