Summer activities for kids!


As far as I know, keeping kids busy while they are at home all day is a big challenge. For Au Pairs it represents a time to be brilliant and to suggest new games and activities to their host children. This could be more arduous because they are constantly under the eyes of the host parents. It’s no good taking them to the mall or the swimming pool everyday.

I thought to make a list with all the activities we can do with them.

1) Go outside and let your kids make a rainbow bubble snake!

Look how easy they are to make!

1.  Gather your supplies ~ an empty plastic bottle, a piece of terry cloth fabric ( I used an old washcloth, but a old tube sock works great too ) and a rubber band.
2.  Cut the bottom off your plastic bottle and cut your fabric into a circle.
3.  Assemble your Bubble Snake Maker by putting the fabric over the open bottom of your bottle and securing it with the rubber band.
4.  Put some dish soup in a bowl and add a little bit of water and gently mix. Dip your Bubble Snake Maker into the solution and gently blow!
You can decided to add some color to the bubble snakes with food coloring onto the sock covered end.
2) Turn your driveway into a fun target game using chalk and sponges.
3) Chalk is also a great way to play dress-up without dolls.
4) Use foil to make a big river in the backyard.
5) Cut up a tarp with scissors to make a cheap throwing game.
5) Make roads for toy cars by using colored tape on carpet.
6) Make stomp paintings with bubble wrap!
7) Let kids practice their letters in this sugar writing tray.
8) Go camping indoors and let your kids’ imaginations run wild.
9) Make a mini bowling game with pencil erasers and marbles.
10) Let your kids compete in a Popcorn Olympics! 
11) Balloon ping pong is a fun activity your kids can safely play indoors.
12) Transform an old box into an indoor slide. 
13) Help kids create their own t-shirt designs with crayons and sand paper.
14) Cut a pool noodle in half to make a marble race track.
15) Make soup clouds by putting a bar of soap into the microwave.

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