May is gone!

OMG May is gone! Something’s changed in these months!!

  • The 16th April, I got my first tattoo. It’s really significant for me because it means a new beginning. I have a bad scar on my belly, caused by an urgent appendicitis surgery, and I’ve always felt ashamed about it. I’ve covered it with a feather moved by the wind. It represents freedom, change and wish fulfillment. The hope to fly up to my goals.

                                               (It is no coincidence that it looks like Hermione’s feather :D)

  • I’ve joined the gym! I have to loose 7 kg before leaving. If I add extra kilos in USA at these ones, I will probably become overweight. So I have to become fit and trained as soon as possible to avoid problems.
  • I became a Cheerleader! yeahh I feel like an american girl. There is an american football team near my place and a friend of mine asked me to join this team. It’s really funny and I learned lot of things about this sport. It is much more interesting as it seems even if it’s a bit aggressive.

I am increasingly closer to US!!